What We Paid: Cuba

This is part of a series where I break down the costs for airfare and lodging for a specific trip, as well as how much PTO time was spent. I am not including costs for food and activities as those prices fluctuate based on traveler preferences. In general, you can assume that airfare and lodging will be the bulk of your costs.

Chicago-Havana, Cuba airfare

In September 2016, Secret Flying published a Delta fare for round trip flights between Chicago and Havana for $300 in March 2017. Travel to Cuba had just opened up for US travelers, and I didn’t know how long it would be before direct flights from Minneapolis (my home airport) would be available. So we hopped on the fare from Chicago. (Side note: direct flights from Minneapolis were available only weeks after I booked the fare from Chicago. So…. yeah.)

Minneapolis-Chicago airfare

We’re based in Minneapolis, so we had to get tickets to Chicago to pick up that flight deal. Minneapolis to Chicago round trip: $160

Havana Airbnb

View from our Airbnb

We stayed at a 2-bedroom Airbnb in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana. It had great ratings and a wonderful balcony with a view over the city. We stayed in Havana for our entire week there, rather than venturing out to other cities. $984 for 7 nights.

My mother-in-law joined us for this trip. The two bedroom Airbnb worked out great, as my kid shared a bedroom with her and my husband and I had the other bedroom. The lodging costs below are split between four people.


Airfare Chicago-Havana on Delta: $300 per person

Airfare Minneapolis-Chicago on United: $160 per person

Airbnb in Havana: $246 total per person/$35 per person, per night

Total airfare and lodging for 1 person, 7 nights: $706

Paid over the course of: 7 months

PTO time: 5 days

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